Roof Coatings

Roof coatings

Benefits of Roof Coatings:

Defense against all weathers

Protection against the growth of algae, lichens and moss

Better insulation – reducing energy bills

Extends your roof’s life

Attractive looking roof – better than new

Adds value to your property


Pressure Washing

Before cleaning

If you're sick of moss tumbling off the roof, blocking your gutters or constantly having to sweep up moss from your patio then this service is just what you need. Moss removal by pressure washing is the best treatment as it completely removes moss, dirt and lichen.

After cleaning

To further prevent any re-growth we can also apply a waterproof coating. Moss and lichen will only form on wet, porous surfaces, by applying a water repellent coating, that breeding ground is removed totally.

By using our roof re-treatment service every 18-24 months your roof will stay moss free for much longer.

Cleaning & Painting

Before Painting, we pressure wash your roof because this is the best treatment that completely removes moss, dirt and lichen which is vital if your roof is to stay moss free.

Roof coating colours

We apply all types of roof protection products and colour coatings.




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